Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Tale from the Scale - Winning!

Yesterday I had a horrible day! Like, the worst in a LONG time! When I left work I REALLY wanted to take the six $1 bills I had saved throughout the week to pay for Zumba class to the liquor store to buy a cheap bottle of wine (read Boones Farm or Arbor Mist, 'cus that's how I roll).

Let's face it, even if I bought the wine, Mr. You Betcha and Little Man wouldn't have let me drink it in peace. So I headed home with my $6 intact to change for Zumba. One of my girlfriends from our Biggest Loser Challenge said she was going to join me so I didn't want to let her down.

Once I got home, I quickly chowed down the baked chicken breast Mr. You Betcha made for me while I was gone at class and then jumped right into 30 Day Shred. When Jillian (I love that name) was done kicking my tush it was time to get Little Man ready for bed. Nothing warms my heart more then hearing, "Wuv you Mommy!" from his sweet little lips after I lay him in bed.

After bedtime was squared away, I walked into the living room to find Mr. You Betcha studying for the big volunteer fire fighter exam he has today, thought to myself, "He isn't going to be much fun tonight." and decided to head to the basement for some quality time with the treadmill. I just did some walking because I was getting tuckered out but figured I could watch Duck Dynasty from the couch or the treadmill and the treadmill was the better choice.

That is the most I have EVER done for my Wednesday Last Chance Workout and it payed off!

one hundred seventy four point eight
DOWN 2.6 lbs This Week
 DOWN 7.2 lbs TOTAL
Hopefully by next week I will be posting some 10 lbs lost pictures! THESE were taken a LONG time ago! I guess nobody said this journey was going to be easy.

Now that I have seemed to get the incredibly large ball rolling I am becoming a scale addict. I crave lower numbers each week. I think this also has something to do with the Biggest Loser Challenge and DietBet I am participating in.

I now weight less than I did when I became pregnant with Little Man but didn't really think it was a big deal when I reached that number because I remember feeling heavy at that time. One of the first questions I asked my doctor when we found out I was pregnant was, "Should I be concerned about my weight?" When I was close to 35 weeks pregnant I had a frequent customer at work ask me if I was expecting. I was about to deliver and he just noticed? Did he think I had just gotten REALLY fat in the last 9 months!?!?

However, I am approaching what I weighed when we got married and although I would have liked to weigh less on the BIG DAY I remember feeling pretty and that was almost 5 years and one baby ago.

{Photo Courtesy of Jaime Salo Photography}
September 2008~About 170 lbs
 We will celebrate when I get there but not for long because this trains not stoppin'!


  1. Way to go on your last chance workout. That's awesome!!
    I can't wait until my little man can say "I love you," back to me. Until then I'll be happy with his big slobbery "kisses" before bed. :)

  2. Congrats - & good for you for making the "better choice"! I have never really watched duck dynasty but everyone I know watches it lol