Monday, February 4, 2013

My Teenage Doghter

Meet Miss Daisy, she is my teenage doghter.

Sunday Mr. You Betcha had fire training ALL DANG Day. I used Little Man's nap time, although I would have rather joined him, as on opportunity to clean the Mud Room. It's kind of the catch all room where we do laundry, hang our coats, and keep the pet things (kennel, food/water, treats, grooming supplies).

Miss Daisy, who wouldn't usually give two shakes of her tail as to what I am doing had to watch the ENTIRE time. I felt like a mother cleaning out her teenage daughter's room half expecting to find a pack of cigarettes and a half drank bottle of vodka.

All kidding aside, we love our Miss Daisy. She was my baby before we had a baby. We adopted her for my birthday when she was just over a year old. Her red bandanna says LOVE RESCUED ME.

When Little Man came along we could tell she moped around for awhile but never misbehaved or acted out against the baby. Now that he is a little bigger it is a hoot to watch them together. They really crack me up sometimes. Can't imagine our life without this dog.

This February (not sure what day) Miss Daisy is 5 years old. So, Happy Birthday to my baby girl. She may be the only baby girl I every have. I have always had this feeling I am destined to have only boys when it comes to human children but we will see.


  1. five already!?! wow! i remember when you got her. birthday kisses to Daisers from auntie.

  2. New follower!
    Found you via Lisa over at Simple Kind of Wonderful.
    Our first baby was our dog... Until the real baby came. Poor four-legged kiddo does't get near the attention he deserves. But, we're working on that.
    Hope you swing by
    for a return follow!