Tuesday, February 26, 2013

i'm the kinda girl who...

...shows up late to all the link-ups.

...can't wear socks to bed {I get to hot and take my shirt off, explain that one to me}.

...has to have a list, plan or schedule.

...can't spell to save my own life.

...loves being a mommy.

...makes the best monster cookies on this planet.

...will always help out a friend in need.

...is very stubborn.

...never, hardly ever, makes the bed.

...wears baseball caps and boots.

...goes to church and watches football on Sundays.

...loves being from/living in a small town.

...wears her heart on her sleeve.

...loves to try new things.

...is always worried if I am a good wife/mom/friend.

{Photo Courtesy of Jaime Salo Photography}


  1. I'm almost always the last one to link up for something too! Aaaand I think you definitely need to reward us with your monster cookies after the Color Run! LOL

  2. Your so pretty love this pic! Following you from the comment you left on my blog. Cant wait to read more

  3. Ha, I'm always a day late on link-up. Always!
    Proud to be from a small town, and wished I lived in a city that wasn't as big as this one.
    Something tells me you're an awesome mom/wife/friend!!

  4. Loved the first one!! haha, I am always showing up late for things especially link ups, haha :)