Wednesday, February 20, 2013

First Things First

I'm linking up with Halie @ Penguins, Pasta, & Polka Dots for another addition of First Things First.

This week's topics are:

First thing I do at the gym
I don't have a gym but usually refer to my basement as my "gym". Usually, I would say the first thing I do is make sure that the fan is pointed at the treadmill, put my earbuds in and crank up the tunes. Currently, I start by getting the Fab Ab February Challenge out of the way.

First Date with Current Significant Other
Last week for First Things First I talked about how me and my current significant other/husband met and connected over horrible prom experiences. Shortly after that initial love connection we had our first date.
Summer 2003

He picked me up in his immaculately clean Ford F-150, at the time it was clearly his pride and joy. He came to the door before we left (one of Mom's rules, don't you dare pull in the driveway and honk), when we got ready to leave he opened the car door for me (find out later, Mom was VERY impressed), and when I got in the pickup there was a teddy bear sitting on the center counsel. I asked him if he got a new Teddy (there was always one there but this one was different). He said, "No, I got that one for you."

Walnut - Yes, I still have him.
We were headed to the dirt track races in a town about 45 minutes away so he had brought his very large collection of CDs along and we rocked out all the way there. We had given ourselves extra time for supper, so we dined at Hardees and he insisted that he pay (something I was not accustomed to, at all).

When we were done eating and were ready to leave he got my car door again and before he got into the driver's seat he told me that he had something else for me. I said, "You didn't have to do that!" with such  exclamation I think I scared the poor guy. He pulled a single red rose out from behind the seat anyways.

We headed to the track and showed up just before the start of the races so we were forced to sit up front (unlike concerts, the higher your seats are the better). I insisted that he let me pay for myself (silly girl) and I am pretty sure we argued about it. The only other thing I honestly remember from the races is that Mr. You Betcha got a rock to the head and we left there VERY dirty.

After we left the races, we went back to Hardees' drive up for some ice cream and he paid again. During the late, long drive home by belly full of ice cream started to get the best of me and I began to dose off. Mr. You Betcha did a "break check" to  wake me up and pick on me but it backfired on him because it ended up giving me seat belt burn. He felt horrible and I will never let him live it down...

There was no hand holding or first kisses when he dropped me off; however, he was honestly the sweetest, nicest boy I had ever met. It is safe to say that after that night I was one smitten kitten (and I don't even really like cats).

I can't say we haven't had out share of trials and tribulations but that night was certainly the start of something wonderful. This June will mark 10 years since that very special first date.

First email address and I rocked it from 7th grade until well after high school graduation. It was a combination of a varsity cheerleader nickname and the year I graduated high school. Finally put on my big girl panties and changed it up before I put together my big girl resume. I can hear it now, "Miss Boo you will be next to interview."


  1. well Miss Boo, alls I can say is Mr You Betcha and his broski dont just differ in looks, but in their first date experiences too! ;)

  2. Sounds like an eventful and interesting first date! And clearly, after 10 years, it obviously worked out great! And good for you for doing the Fab Ab challenge! I started it, but have been slacking and have missed every day since last Thursday... :( I need to get myself back in gear! Glad you linked up with me again today!