Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday Tale from the Scale & Love Day

Thursday Tale from The Scale

one hundred seventy nine point eight
UP 1.8 lbs This Week
DOWN 2.2 lbs TOTAL

I wish I had some good reason to explain this number. I wish I could even say I didn't know what happened because I worked hard and the scale just didn't move. But, neither of those if the case.

The truth is, this is the number I deserve. As I said before, we went out last weekend and I never regained my balls to the wall motivation. I was kind of frumpy and lazy all week. It is what is. Time to dust myself off and get back on the horse.

Watch out Biggest Loser Challenge Ladies! I'm a tornado and I'm coming after you!

Love Day

Valentines Day, some adore it and some seem to hate it. I realize it's commercial. I really don't care. I realize we shouldn't need a day to remind us to love each other. Again, I really don't care.

My Loves
Mr. You Betcha and I don't get crazy but we do acknowledge the day with cards and small gifts. Let's face it, it feels good to be loved whether Hallmark is telling you to buy the card or not.

For supper, we don't go out every year but we are tonight and I would be lying if I told you I wasn't excited for this:

I am swapping Faturday for Fat Thursday! I promise!

Gift wise there will be no flowers, jewelry, or chocolate (except the Reese's Peanut Butter Hearts Little Man got Daddy) for us. He picked out his gift lastnight and was too excited to keep mine a secret from me.

Mr. You Betcha got:

This is what he asked for.
I got:
I'm actually really excited about this!

Call me a Nerd, but I can't wait to try out my new fishing pole! I have always been stuck with other's fishing rod hand me downs and cast offs. This one is MINE and it's PINK and it's PRETTY!

Makes me yearn for 80° days at the lake!

My fish!
His fish!
Don't worry we didn't forget our boy!
Little Man is getting:
Since we couldn't part with it after someone saw the puppy!
It was only $3 off the clearance rack.
Since Mommy wants her children to have a
HUGE Disney Movie collection.

Since the kid loves chocolate as much as Mommy!
We are also exchanging cards else that's all folks and I find it lovely!
P.S. I picked up some new chap stick in the checkout at Walmart last night and so far I really like it!
My lips will be extra kissable tonight!


  1. I've been collecting Disney movies since before my son was born... I'm glad he's here now so I actually have an excuse to watch them ;-)

    PS: Please tell me if the reply thing works. I tried really hard to fix it!

  2. Love this post - just found you!

    And, your newest follower :)