Friday, February 1, 2013

Fab Ab February

Yesterday I was totally satisfied with what looked back at me when I stepped on the scale. But, just like Lisa @ Simple Kind of Wonderful & Marcy @ The Mustache Diaries I want to step shiz up.

Marcy posted the Fab Ab Feb from Pinterest and I told her I am totally down with it! Sounds like a whole bunch of ladies are going to be poundin' it out. However, that messed up calendar was driving me nutz! I HAD to make my own.

Feel free to print it out and use it if you like. I am going to partake in Marcy's challenge and take some before & after photos.
I might even make Mr. You Betcha join me since lately when I hit the basement (my gym) he has been coming down to pump some iron, even had me buy him some protein powder and bars.
Eye Candy Source
My man is going to look Mr. August here in no time flat if he keeps this up!

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