Monday, February 11, 2013

Almost M.I.A. Monday

Monday has come and almost completely gone. So, let me break our weekend down for everyone real quick.

I will be honest I was horrible at taking pictures this weekend. You will get the couple awful ones I managed to snap and at least they will be worth a good laugh.

Friday Night -  I didn't end up spending any time with my treadmill. One of my girlfriends called me and asked if I had a bottle of wine about 2.5 seconds after I put Little Man to bed. She needed some girl time and a bit of a distraction from life. My friends and family always come first. Period.

Saturday Morning - We took Little Man sledding with some friends of ours and a good time was had by all, even if we all only lasted an hour before we were cold.

Saturday Afternoon - We already had plans to attend the Fire Department Christmas Party that evening and we were anticipating doing something with friends afterwards. When a fellow fire wife called and suggested we go to the prom (each year one of the neighboring fire departments throws a themed dance, this year it was prom) after the Christmas Party it sent us in a tizzy. What does a twenty something mother of one wear to the prom? I instantly ran to the storage closet and tried to put on a number from 10 years ago. I hafta say in about 10 more LBs that sucker is gonna fit, but Saturday wasn't my day.

I ran into town in search of a dress and these were pretty much my only options:

I went with the one on the left. I really liked the black one but it was too big, especially in the upper body. Hell if I'm gonna buy a dress that doesn't fit me now much less two months from now. The purple dress is a 12 so that made me feel pretty good. It's not my favorite of all dresses but it did the job in a last minute pinch.

My fellow fire wife needed some boots to go with her dress and she ended up picking out these. They were SUPER cute with the dress she had.

I wanted to take home these,


and these.

Saturday Evening - I took this selfie on the way to the Christmas Party.

After we left the Christmas Party I had about 5 drinks in me and totally forgot to take any photos from that point forward. Wish I would have because some interesting shenanigans went down including changing into dresses in the middle of a parking lot and dress shirts mixed with wool hunting pants.

Sunday we pretty much laid low since snowmageddon hit sometime in the night. I really enjoyed having a snow day. We made a big breakfast, took naps, baked cookies, and watched movies.

So, there you have it. The condensed version of my weekend.

BTW, this morning I stepped on the scale and I am up 2 lbs since weight in. I'm goona hafta bust it this week to make sure I don't show a gain on Thursday.


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Hope everyone has a great night!


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