Friday, February 8, 2013

High on Life

Thank the good Lord that the weekend is FINALLY here!

Life has been CRAH-to-the-ZY and things are finally starting to settle a little.

First, I reached 10 FOLLOWERS! Be sure to enter my first giveaway HERE!
Honestly, Who doesn't like new socks?

Tuesday night I had to whip up cupcakes for a funeral at church....I may have sampled a few. Had to make sure said cupcakes were not going to result in more funerals!

These may look a little too happy for a funeral : (

While checking my e-mail from bed this morning I came across this pleasant message:

I won a Mantra Towel from Words to Sweat By. I'm really excited since these towels are so fun!

I'm getting this one:

My "friend" Lisa is getting this one:

I would like to thank Sarah from Fueled and Aflame for hosting the giveaway. If you get a chance check out my girls blog. Any woman who deer hunts is ok in my book!


Most Important: Our sweet niece was very sick and ended up spending 10 days in the hospital.  Very thankful that baby girl gets to come home today! Uncle, Auntie, & Little Man LOVES you!

I have been helping care for her Mom & Dad's fur babies while they have been away and I know they are going to be very excited to have them home.

Also, I have been checking on another friend's house since he is out of town for work and that consumes about an hour and a half of my time a few nights a week.

Normally all this would be nothing. However, all of it together combined with being a fire widow 4 out of 7 days in the last week while Mr. You Betcha has had training and fire calls has left me yearning for a quiet night at home!

Let's face it, I don't smoke weed either! Closest experience was probably at a Metallic concert when I was 16. About half way through the show the air become somewhat hazy and smelt rather suspicious. But, I'm a get high on life, cause it's Friday, I ain't got no job I ain't got no money, and I ain't got shizz to do!

Bet my night goes down kinda like this:


Mr. You Betcha

Little Man

Little Man

 Happy Friday All!

BTW, if Mr. You Betcha asks any of you....

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  1. omg, I love that e-card! I am sending it to my hubby now haha