Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Operation #165by26 Kick Off

Yesterday was Trista @ Stewart Street's birthday {Happy Belated Birthday Girl!} and it got me thinking. What do I want for my birthday which is a mere month away?

Yes, I am that girl. I love my birthday. Sorry I am not sorry.
Top of the list is always to look hot, do something to spoil myself, and spend it with as many of the people I love as possible. So naturally one of the first things that comes to my mind to prepare for my birthday is, "Damn, I better lose more weight to look hot."
You see, I have this HORRIBLE habit of getting fed up with my weight, starting a diet/exercise program balls to the walls, losing 10 lbs, and after 10 lbs stopping to celebrate. The celebration tends to drag on a bit too long (read 2 months, 6 months, a year) but I usually always maintain the weight lost within 2 lbs. Eventually, I get fed up again and start up the diet/exercise program balls to the walls to lose 10 more LBs.
Since we started the Biggest Loser Challenge I am down 7 lbs in about 7 weeks (weighed in at 176.2 lbs this morning), but 2 weeks ago I was down 8.4 lbs in 5 weeks. You read that right, I have gained 1.4 lbs in the last couple week and I don't have any real excuses.
one hundred seventy six point two
UP 0.8 lbs Since Last Weigh-In
DOWN 5.8 lbs TOTAL
You see...I have been switching to celebration mode. Proof that old habits die hard.
However, I want SO BADLY to feel good on my birthday and I obviously will not be achieving THESE goals within the crazy time frame I gave myself. So, I am reevaluating my goals and creating Operation #165by26. My new mini-goal is to weigh 165 by my birthday. That is 11.2 LBs in 30 days and I am going to document EVERY DAY of it.
First of all, I will be doing DAILY weight-ins via blog posts or IG {YouBetchaKates} to hold myself 110% accountable. If I don't do this I tend to "cheat" on the weekend and try to make up for it Monday-Wednesday. Please CALL ME OUT if you don't see me weight-in!
As far as food goes, Shelli @ Beauties & the Baseball Coach was kind enough to send me a copy of the Advocare Cleanse Detailed Eating Instructions and I am using/modifying the recommended foods & meals to help me clean up my eating. I will still be using MyFitnessPal to track my calories and my intake goal will continue to be 1200-1400. If you would like to become my "friend" on MyFitnessPal my username is MN_Kates.
For exercise, I am firing up the Ol' 30 Day Shred Every.Damn.Day. I even took new photos and measurements. Old photos and measurements are HERE. I will also be giving Couch to 5K four days a week and on non-C25K days I will mix something in like Zumba Class (hopefully my DVDs come soon), Turbo Jam DVDs, or Wild Outdoor Play with the Kiddo. 
Hello Muffin Top, Thunder Thighs, & Badonkadonk Butt!
Date: March 12, 2013
Weight: 176.2 lbs
Hips: 43.50"
Waist: 33.25"
Bust: 40.00"
Arm: 13.00"
Thigh: 25.50"
Consider yourself warned {and please help hold my accountable} this is my hard core focus for the next 10 LBs and month.


  1. Good for you girl! I'm excited to follow along on your journey! You can do this!

  2. Good for you!! just keep telling your self you can do it! Always remember why as well! Also, you never regret NOT eating something bad!!

  3. i will totally call you out on not posting weigh-in pics! thats about all the accountability i am good for!
    and it should be GOODBYE muffin top, thunder thighs and please Lord, let me keep a little big of my ass just to fill out a $65 pair of jeans! ;)

  4. i would so totally join you! jillian michaels woops my asssss.

  5. You can do it!! I was thinking of starting up 30 Day Shred... Probably not every day, cuz I not that crazy... But I would like to throw it in there too!

  6. You got this in the bag. I'll be stalking you (kidding... sort of).
    I'm totally with you on the celebration part. I'm usually busting my buns Monday-Friday. Give me a Saturday and Sunday and I lose SO MUCH ambition. Blah.
    Weekends are a challenge, but you can do this.
    I can't wait to see your progress!!

  7. This is amazing! I am so proud of you what a great idea! I'm thinking of possibly doing something similar when I get back from vaca! Aka holding myself accountable on a daily basis and what not etc. Can't wait to see your results! You got this!