Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In Like a Lion...

Winter Storm Saturn (who comes up with this stuff) did not disappoint!

Safe to say March is in like a lion...

My Morning Drive
...and I am not just talking about the weather!

Things are cra-to-the-zy again and it's beginning to take its toll on me.

Work has been nutso and I have been busy getting ready to head out of town tomorrow for some continuing education training. I will be rising before the sun, loading up my boy while he is still his PJs, and stuffing the car with the gear to get us through the day (Little Man's bag & snow gear, my lunch sack, my purse, my workout bag, my brief case, and my winter hat/mittens/boots just in case I have trouble). Is anyone else picturing a pack horse going out the door in the morning?

Also, Lisa and I have been planning a Baby Shower for our SIL and niece. We got together tonight to finalize our details and make some shopping lists. Since I'm headed to the big city tomorrow anyways I will pick up some of the things we need for the party. We are going with a super girly theme - hot pink & zebra. Expect a party post next week.

As if things aren't busy enough, when several of the volunteer fire fighters and their spouses recently gathered to have supper and socialize. Light conversation turned to discussion of an annual city celebration. Many of us have young growing families and would love for our children to grow up with a strong sense of community and some festivities to sweeten the summer season. Here we are less than four weeks later, we have approached all the major organizations in town and have set up two or three planning meetings for this month alone. This is going to be a BIG job!

Between Mr. You Betcha's training & meeting nights and all my junk March is filling up fast. I have already noticed that in the first week of March my diet has taken a really hard hit. Planning on doing some food prep this weekend to help myself make better choices when times get tough. I'm also going to have to start scheduling my work out times. It's important to "make time" for the things that are important to me.

Planning to get home early enough tomorrow to Zumba with my girlies and work on a guest post for Sarah at Blonde Southern Lovin'!

So, let's hope March goes...

...out like a lamb.

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  1. Your schedule IS nuts-o!
    I can't wait to see the party post. Hot pink and zebra sounds just about perfect for some girly fun.
    Sending some SoCal sun your way in hopes that Saturn (or Pluto, or Mars, or whatever the storm's 'name' is) gets the heck out of Dodge!