Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 2 - Operation #165by26 & A Rough Morning

one hundred seventy five point two
DOWN 1.0 lbs Since Yesterday
DOWN 6.8 lbs TOTAL
Operation #165by26 is in full swing. I even got myself out of bed early this morning but my plans of quietly doing 30 Day Shred, making oatmeal or scrambled eggs for breakfast, and packing my lunch before getting ready for work quickly dissolved.

Unfortunately, the earlier I get up the earlier everybody else in the house gets up. I can be as quite as a mouse but I swear both the dog and Little Man have mommy sensors. Mr. You Betcha got up, got ready for work, and left by 6:30 a.m. and neither one of them made a peep. Seconds after he left, I stepped foot out of our bedroom door and the dog started whining to be let out of her house {if I didn't let her out the whine would turn into a bawling howl}.

Of course Daisy {the dog} wanted to be taken outside right away and when she came back in the house she insisted on chasing the cat while I whisper yelled at her so she didn't wake up Little Man. After all of this horsing around, I was finally able to get my workout in and get dressed for work before she asked to be taken out again and we repeated the whole cat chasing process. This time I wasn't as successful at getting her to shut her snout and Little Man started babbling/fake crying in his room.

So...I got Little Man up, changed him, and got him dressed {t-shirt & camo pants}. Of course the first thing he wanted was juice and half way through pouring it he decided he didn't want juice he wanted milk. I got him what he wanted and went to the bathroom to do my hair and makeup. Not even 2 MINUTES later someone decided he didn't want to wear a t-shirt he wanted long sleeves. Oh my achin' ars!

After a wardrobe change we brushed our teeth and took our vitamins together, I finished my hair and makeup, and rushed to the kitchen to throw my lunch together. I was very grateful that last night I did a little prep work for my lunches. Before we rushed out the door Little Man needed his diaper changed again {liquids run straight through the kid} and I settled on a Clif Bar and coffee for breakfast since my plans of oatmeal or eggs were nothing but a dream.

Today, I am practically dancing in my seat thinking about Zumba class tonight. After I get home I have a ton of prep work to finish with the groceries Little Man and I got. As I mentioned, I was able to get some turkey taco meat made for taco salads but I didn't get any of the rest of it done. I will do a post on what I got and what I am doing with it all tomorrow.
<---Mostly Mine & Mostly Theirs--- >
Turkey Taco Meat
I am also going to put together as much of our stuff for tomorrow morning as possible. I will preset the coffee pot, pack my lunch, fill the milk cup and have it ready in the fridge, lay out our outfits, pack Little Man's daycare bag, and put all of our stuff by the door. I might even sleep in my workout clothes. Too much?

Can you tell I don't want to set the alarm for an earlier time?


  1. let me know how that turkey meat tastes.
    also, I do not believe Daisy would ever intentionally chase Gizmo. I mean, he probably deserved it.
    can you tell my sweet darling nephew that next time Auntie comes over, she would love a bite or ten of his trix yogurt?! k thanks! :)

  2. Great job! keep it up!!!!

    Health food giveaway on my blog :)

  3. I find that I HAVE to sleep in my workout clothes if I want to get up for an am workout or it just wont happen. And prepping for my day the night before has been the only thing keeping me on schedule. If I had to do it all in the morning I'd be late every damn day. I've ate ground turkey before, when I was in PA visiting a friend who can't eat beef, and I didn't mind it. But I was making myself ground turkey spaghetti last weekend and I had to dump it out halfway through cooking because the smell of it was making me want to hurl. I think the next time I try it I'll have to make it with some strong spices so I can't smell the meat haha

  4. Great job!! My dogs are like that too. My husband gets up- nothing. I get up- party time. And after they walk they always wanna chase one another and run laps though the house. I am still trying to master the whisper yell!!

  5. Turkey taco meat is a mainstay for my dinners lately, and I made my own taco seasonings last week, let me know if you want the recipe - and how old is little man, this sounded eerily like my mornings :)

  6. Awesome start! We use ground turkey in place of ground beef 100% of the time. I don't eat beef, but the hubby does and he never complains about the swithceroo!