Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday Tale from the Scale & Socks

one hundred eighty point six
DOWN 2.6 lbs Since Last Weigh In
DOWN 1.4 lbs TOTAL
These BIGGEST LOSER GIRLS are rockin my socks off! I really can't believe how enthusiastic I am about this thing. Who would have thought all I needed were some weight loss buddies and a little friendly competition to get my rear in gear.

Speaking of socks.....I know NOTHING about running. I mean zip, zero, zilch.

However, I do know one thing, I LOVE my SmartWool Women's PhD Running Ultra Light Micro Socks.
They are extremely comfortable, lightweight but durable, have subtle arch support, and are excellent at wicking away moisture. I never work out without them.

Eventually, I would really like to try the SmartWool PhD Running Graduated Compression Lights since I have notice if I do Couch to 5K several times in a week my calves are screaming.

Anyways, since I LOVE me some new buddies and LOVE me some SmartWool Socks, once I get to 10 followers I am going to give away a pair of SmartWool Women's PhD Running Ultra Light Micro Socks so some lucky lady can let me know what they think of them as well.


  1. nice! where did you get those socks from?

    1. I got mine at Lyle's in town, I have seen them at Scheels, Gander Mtn., Cabela's and several places online.

  2. Dibs, haha jk but no really I'm a sucker for a good sock like whoa!

  3. Congratulations on the 2.6lbs!!!!