Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Tale from the Scale & Observations

Thursday Tale from the Scale

one hundred eighty one point two
DOWN 1.6 lbs Since Last Weigh In
DOWN 0.8 lbs TOTAL
Honestly, I wanted to see more progress in my first hard core week. I have seen other people lose 5 pounds + in their first week of really consciously trying and wanted to be one of them. Tough shit I guess.

I have noticed several things about myself and have been doing some research along with making some adjustments to correct them.

  • I am trying to stick to only water but I need to drink more. NO pop whatsoever, No coffee whatsoever (this is HUGE for me), small glass of OJ from time to time, and occasionally a glass of milk with supper. I was checking out the Top 5 Nutrition Tips from Bikini Body Mommy and I should be consuming 90 + oz a day! I better buy more freakin' toilet paper because this lady is going to be going potty ALOT!
All day I'm guzzlin'!
  • I started taking a multivitamin again and I have to take that evil horse pill with something to eat else I will instantly feel like junk.
One A Day Women's
  • If I am going to do both, I have to do Couch to 5K before I do 30 Day Shred, if I do 30 Day Shred and then get on the dreadmill and try to run it makes me feel like I am going to die.
Becoming a Runner!
  •  I HATE the texture of greek yogert and the only way I can stand to eat it is with crushed granola mixed in.
Dannon Oikos Fat Free Yogurt
  • Seeing my son try to imitate me doing jumping jacks maked me feel REALLY good!
1/2 way through 30 Day Shred.
  •  My fit kick is starting to wear off on Mr. You Betcha.
The Hubby testing out the dreadmill.
  •  I HAVE to pack a snack for about 2:30 p.m. else I will eat ANYTHING I can get my hands on! Last Monday it was chocolate covered pretzels. I am trying to stick to string cheese and some type of fruit to carry through to supper.
KRAFT 2% String Cheese
  • The craziness of the weekend can discombobulate my diet in 2.5 seconds, I did some weekend meal planning in hopes of staying on the straight and narrow. Going to be testing some recipes from my Healthy Eating Pinterest board. We'll see how it goes, I will do up a couple posts if they turn out well.


  1. What great motivation you have! I def. need to get with it and do some exercise and drink more water! I hope you have a good week!

    1. Thanks Linny! I have to say, Motivation is my Achilles Heel! Last week some friends and I decided to start our own weight loss challenge. We each pitched in $20 and after 12 weeks whoever has lost the highest % of their starting body weight will win the $. This has helped to be a major motivator! Most of us are friends on MY Fitness Pal and its kinda hard not to get off my BUTT when I see them all logging workouts and staying within calorie goals.

      Get it Girl!

      P.S. Tried to reply by e-mail and received a Delivery Status Notification (Failure).