Friday, May 10, 2013

I Unofficially PR'ed!

I know I haven't been around lately and for that I apologize. Let's just say April was a cold {we had extra below average temps for April} mess!

I just wanted to swing in to tell you all about my unofficial 5K last Sunday. I was super nervous because it was the first time Mr. You Betcha and I ran together. It was a walk/run hosted by his employer to earn their wellness credits for the year. I was terrified that I was going to in some way embarrass him.

Picture of nervous me on the way to the 5k.

You see, earlier that morning we had gone to a neighboring fire departments pancake feed and I was convinced that half way through I was going to be in dire need of taking a pancake poop. -OR- I was going to vomit in front of everyone. -OR- I would have to be hauled away on a stretcher.

Good news is NONE of those things happened and I unofficially PR'ed!

Since the walk/run was the easiest of several activities that employees could do to fulfill their wellness credits for the year the majority of participates showed up in their jeans and hunting boots. It was clear that many were just there to put in their time and were planning on walking it {there is nothing wrong with that}.

When the group was gathering by the starting line Mr. You Betcha and I decided we wanted to see what others were going to do; we didn't want to be the only "runners."  Mr. You Betcha got in a few good laughs because I kept scanning the crowd looking for others who might be "runners" and saying things like, "She has running pants on!" and "That guy looks geared up to run!"

When the fitness coordinator gave everyone the go ahead to start and a handful took off at a jogging pace so did we. We stuck together for the first half doing my walking/jogging intervals but I could tell that I was holding him back. I kept telling him to go ahead and that he didn't have to wait for me. It took much convincing but finally when I went into one of my walking intervals he kept going.

Mr. You Betcha finished around 35 minutes 45 seconds and I wasn't too far behind him at 39 minutes 15 seconds. Almost 2 minutes less than it took Lisa and I to run/jog/walk/crawl our first 5k last September! WooHoo!

Finally, I am pleased to announce that this crazy girl is doing another 5k tomorrow for Breast & Ovarian Cancer and YES I am dragging Mr. You Betcha along. I am encouraging him to do his own thing for the entire race since I think he is curios as to what he is capable of. I am pushing for a time of 37 minutes or less but we will see what happens. I will try to take more/better pictures and get a recap up for you guys early next week. I have missed everybody!

Here's to being better, to being faster, and to being stronger!


  1. great job :) looking forward to my first 5k of the year and hopefully PR'ing.

  2. Way to go lady! Super proud and pumped for you. I can't wait to hear how tomorrows run goes!!!