Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I have created a MONSTER!

It's been forever again and I'm sorry. I won't whine and tell you about how busy I am because if you know me at all you know it's true and I love the life I live. However, I wanted to drop in to tell you about the monster I have created.

No, I'm not talking about Little Man...

His current "THING" is scaring people in the most obvious way. I find it absolutely hilarious.

Back to my story...You see, in early May, Mr. You Betcha and I did a 5k to fulfill his wellness credits for work. It was his first 5k and I started the year with a PR. I wrote about it HERE.

The following weekend we did a run for Breast & Ovarian Cancer and we both officially PRed!


It was cold & windy {we are talking 20 mph sustained winds}!


I was pushing for 37 minutes of less and before the race he had told me he wanted to do it in 30 or less. The coarse was not laid out to make it easy. It was a turn around and there was a HUGE hill in the middle. So just after you went up it and came down the other side you had to turn around and go up it again! 
I look like a gomer but was happy to be closing in the the finish line!
My official time was 37 minutes and 12 seconds and although I was shooting for 37 minutes or less I will totally take it based on the circumstances. Heck, it was 2 minutes off my time the week before! I was damn proud!
Mr. You Betcha finished in 31 minutes and 41 seconds. Not far off his goal of 30 minutes or less. The weekend before he had a time of 35 minutes 45 seconds {he held back with me for over half of it}. I say not too bad for the first race he ever pushed himself at.
It was funny because that day he told me that 5k's weren't so bad and he would probably continue to do them with me because they made him feel good. That was until this came out...

A neighboring fire department is hosting a 5k Run/Walk and  will be presenting an award for the Fastest Fireman and someone has decided he it out for blood bragging rights.

He has been cracking the whip and most nights tells me we need to go in the basement and workout/train. This is usually as I am sitting on the couch looking at him like "You have fun!" This girlfriend has had NO motivation lately.

Just wanted to share with everybody....I think it's funny....I have created a MONSTER!


  1. I'm not sure what I love more... That HILARIOUS video, "I scare you??" Or the fact that you have a running machine on your hands. :)

  2. That's awesome!! Great job on all the PR's and at least you created a motivating monster ;-)